What Foods Can Cause Dog Yeast Infections?

It is an astonishing fact to realize the number of dogs that suffer from yeast infections every now and then. There are certain things that every dog owner needs to be aware of whether their dog is dealing with the yeast infection or they are prone to getting it. The diet is the most important factor towards the development and growth of a healthy dog but it can also be a major factor leading to your dog contracting the yeast infection. It is rare that the yeast infection in your dog manifests only in one area for instance the right ear. If such a case occurs all the owner has to do is to treat the infected ear and hope that the immune system will respond and restore the balance. However, in most cases the yeast infection occurs in more than a single area like both eras, four paws or the entire body the diet will most definitely examined.

Diet examination

The basis of health is based on diet which is why what you are feeding you dog will either promote the development of the yeast infection or assist the immune system in restoring balance and fighting the infection. The best diet that you can put your dog on is one that is appropriate and anti-inflammatory as it does not support the development of yeast infections.

Elimination of diets containing sugar

Carbohydrates in the diet are broken down to form sugars which are a source of energy for yeast. Eliminating sugar from the diet is one of the ways to eliminate the yeast infection. Many pet treats and a few diets have added dietary sugar. Products such as honey are beneficial in nutritional value but they contain sugars which can facility for the overgrowth of yeast. For dogs that are already suffering from yeast infections all food stuffs containing sweet potatoes, honey, fructose corn syrup and white potatoes. Low-glycemic vegetables might be an ideal alternative diet.

The use of anti-fungal diets

The addition of anti-fungal meals in the diet such as tiny amounts of oregano or garlic are beneficial in reducing the yeast levels in the body of your dog. These foods are not only anti-fungal but also anti-yeast which prevents any more yeast from developing in the dog’s body. Yeast infections when severe can cause your dog to produce an unpleasant odour which is why it needs to be kept at a minimum or eliminated as fast as possible.

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