How to treat a dog ear infection

It is common for dog to get ear infections which turn out to be very painful. During their lifespan every dog suffers from this painful condition at least once. The most commonly displayed signs when your dog is suffering from an ear infection are shaking of the head, rubbing and scratching the head. In some extreme case the ear swells, turns red and produces a very unpleasant odour. The main cause of ear infections in adult dogs is yeast and bacteria while in puppies its mainly due to mites. Prior to administering any ear infection treatment it is important to consult a veterinarian who will thoroughly examine the dog. The examination involves the collection of a sample form the ear that is infected then examining the sample using a microscope to help in evaluating the microorganisms causing the infection.

 Dog ear infection treatment

The ear will be in pain so it is important to clean it using a cleanser that will be gentle on it. One of the most effective technique to use while cleaning the ear is filling the ear canal with the gentle cleaning solution then using a considerate amount of cotton ball to close the ear canal opening. The ear should then be massaged gently at the base. The cotton ball used in the ear canal opening is important due to several reasons. The first importance is that it closes the ear opening allowing the cleaning solution to moves up and about the ear without spilling. The second importance is that it is used in the absorption of the excess cleaning solution. The third function is that it grabs the debris of the contents inside the ear letting you have a glimpse of the content inside the ear. Depending on how your dog is reacting to the cleaning the cleaning should be done severally till eventually the cotton ball comes out clean.

After the ear has been cleaned give it about ten minutes to dry after which the medicated ointments prescribed by the veterinarian should be put. The time taken to heal will depend on the dog, the intensity of the infection and any changes that might occur in the ear.

Important things to consider

There are a few things that should be at the back of your mind for precautionary purpose when cleaning the ear of your dog. The cleaning should not be done using the Q-tip swabs as instead of bringing the debris to the surface they might end up pushing them further inside the ear. Pushing the debris further inside can be very dangerous as it can result to the ear drum rapturing or the ear canal. The rubbing alcohol or other related solutions that cause irritation on the skin should not be used as they will lead to further inflammation of the skin inside the ear.

Can you fly with your dog?

We all love keeping pets and also establish a close relationship with them. We play and sleep with them. We have made them our friends. Dog is one of the most favorite pet kept in home and we would love to take our cute puppy and beautiful dog on a walk, for a long drive in our car and so on. These days aircraft have been a best, safe and quick way to travel from one place to other. We fly from one place to during our work or family holiday. What about our dogs? We can easily take our dog in cars, trains and buses. But can you fly with your dog? This article is about weather we can fly with our dog or not.

What are provisions?

Can you fly with your dog? Many airlines allow you to carry your dog with you in a carrier that can fit inside your seat. But there is a weight limit of 20 pounds along with carrier. Medium and big sized dogs aren’t allowed in cabin even if they fit in the carrier. It is good enough from safety point of view. Dog kept in carrier aren’t allowed to come out of it and should remain inside throughout the flight. Imagine a dog running through the cabin during flight and risk concerned with it. But don’t be sad if you have big dogs and you want to take them with you. You can cargo the dog in same aircraft you are flying and later pick it up at the airport. Can you fly with your dog? This question can also be answered from health point of view. Dogs show side effects after flying in aircraft for long duration which are briefly explained in following topic.

Is it good to fly with a dog?

In some cases, your dog can have side effect of high altitude flight and in such cases, you need to take it to vet. Some dogs can have loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea after flight. Thus, you should take care of it.

Thus, it is not so good to carry dog with you in flight unless it is necessary. Being a dog lover, you might feel bad to keep your dog along in your home, then you have an option to cargo it. But, if possible don’t carry dog with you in cabin because it might feel awkward for other passengers. Moreover, the rate for flying your dog in cargo is quite costly but is still cheaper than the rate you are flying. Thus answering the question can you fly with your dog, it would be yes but not recommended.

How to Keep Your Home Safe When Travelling

Vacations are quite unavoidable in any household. I believe nobody would want to have the vacation cut short due to insecurity reasons at home. It is, therefore, necessary to keep your home and the assets safe so you can maximize on your holiday. In case you want to travel and you do not know how to leave your house, here are a few tips for you.

Tip Your Neighbor and the Police about Your Absence

Ask your neighbor to watch the house for any movement or peculiar people while you are away. Not all neighbors can be trusted, so make sure that you inform the neighbor you can trust.  You can give your neighbor the spare key so that they feed your pet or bring your mail in.It is also advisable to tip off the police so that they can keep an eye on your house during their patrol.  Give all the necessary details to the trusted parties so you can have peace of mind when you are away.

Have Your Curtains Closed or Open as Your Prefer

Decide to close your curtains to avoid people peering into the house to check if you are in or not. Closed curtains also hinder those who want to help the police or neighbors from seeing inside the house. The best option is to leave the curtains how you leave them when you are at home because slight changes are noticeable.  Keep valuable items out of sight if they are visible through the window. By so doing you will keep your home safe while traveling.

Electricity Caution

Unplug your television and any other electrical appliance to protect them from power surges and help save power. How about the lights?  Leaving the lights on will look too suspicious and raise the electric bill.  For the lights, you can purchase a light switch timer that can turn your lights on or off automatically as you schedule it.  Criminals who may be keeping watch over your house will confuse these lights flip with someone switching the lights on and off.

Cancel Your Regular Delivery

Having your doorstep piled with a week’s worth of newspaper could signal your absence. You may choose to stop the delivery or simply keep your mail on hold until you return. Alternatively, you may choose to have your neighbor pick the mail for you.

Do Not Post It on Social Media

On social media, you will only tip off criminals about your absence.  The anonymity of who reads your posts on social media makes it unsafe to share on social media. Do not let the world know of your absence in order to keep your home safe while traveling


Burglars keep watch over your home and any slight changes may tip them off. Security is never guaranteed but you need peace of mind while on your vacation and this tips will be of great help.

The two best massages chairs in 2018

Amid all the challenges and torturous ordeals that we encounter in our daily lives we deserve a nice break to relax and unwind. The most recommended technique is through getting a massage. Massages are very are very effective in not only giving your body relief from pain but also in helping your body achieve additional health related benefits. When the levels of anxiety and stress and significantly reduced so does the level of the blood pressure in the body. Massages can be available in various forms such as through the hiring of a personal massage therapist or seeking professional services as a massage Spa. Massages can be quite expensive and not everyone can afford to dispense that hefty amount for a luxury service. Some might have the readily available resources to fund that but no time to avail themselves for consistent sessions. The best massages chairs in 2018 have been specifically designed for such individuals with limited time or resources on their hands.

What are the Benefits of the best massages chair in 2018?

Individuals who want to enjoy the health and relaxing benefits accrued to massaging should consider trying the best massages chairs in 2018 as an alternative. The massage chairs are even more advantageous because they bestow the same benefits as those of hiring a personal massage therapist but even more affordable, convenient and user-friendly. There are numerous massage chairs available in the market each differing from the next in terms of functions, features, designs as well as prices. The massage given by the best massage chairs in 2018 is simply phenomenal and of the highest quality. With the various types of massage chairs available in the market it is tough for an individual to select the most ideal one.

Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity

The chair is made using synthetic leather which makes it appear stylish and offer a concrete support. The chair has an adjustable lever that allows one to stay in different positions including the zero gravity positions. This facilitates the provision of impeccable functioning hence it being ranked as one of the best massages chairs in 2018. The chair has the ability to scan the entire body then make small adjustments so that the massage can focus on the shoulders, lumbar and the neck. The chair has several automatic programs installed such as therapy, circulation, healthcare, smart, demo and circulation from which the user can select to personalize their session. The chair provides full body massages such as on feet, arms, buttocks, neck, calves and shoulders. There are five speeds, five intensity levels and six massaging styles.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

This is a high rated and technologically advanced massage chair hence its ranking among the best massages chairs in 2018. The movements on the chair are similar to those made by Shiatsu massage therapist. The movements are identical to the ones employed by chiropractors as well as physical therapists. There are eight programs available from which the user can customize their session. There are automatic programs set for massages or stretching at different times of the day such as night-time and morning.