How to treat a dog ear infection

It is common for dog to get ear infections which turn out to be very painful. During their lifespan every dog suffers from this painful condition at least once. The most commonly displayed signs when your dog is suffering from an ear infection are shaking of the head, rubbing and scratching the head. In some extreme case the ear swells, turns red and produces a very unpleasant odour. The main cause of ear infections in adult dogs is yeast and bacteria while in puppies its mainly due to mites. Prior to administering any ear infection treatment it is important to consult a veterinarian who will thoroughly examine the dog. The examination involves the collection of a sample form the ear that is infected then examining the sample using a microscope to help in evaluating the microorganisms causing the infection.

 Dog ear infection treatment

The ear will be in pain so it is important to clean it using a cleanser that will be gentle on it. One of the most effective technique to use while cleaning the ear is filling the ear canal with the gentle cleaning solution then using a considerate amount of cotton ball to close the ear canal opening. The ear should then be massaged gently at the base. The cotton ball used in the ear canal opening is important due to several reasons. The first importance is that it closes the ear opening allowing the cleaning solution to moves up and about the ear without spilling. The second importance is that it is used in the absorption of the excess cleaning solution. The third function is that it grabs the debris of the contents inside the ear letting you have a glimpse of the content inside the ear. Depending on how your dog is reacting to the cleaning the cleaning should be done severally till eventually the cotton ball comes out clean.

After the ear has been cleaned give it about ten minutes to dry after which the medicated ointments prescribed by the veterinarian should be put. The time taken to heal will depend on the dog, the intensity of the infection and any changes that might occur in the ear.

Important things to consider

There are a few things that should be at the back of your mind for precautionary purpose when cleaning the ear of your dog. The cleaning should not be done using the Q-tip swabs as instead of bringing the debris to the surface they might end up pushing them further inside the ear. Pushing the debris further inside can be very dangerous as it can result to the ear drum rapturing or the ear canal. The rubbing alcohol or other related solutions that cause irritation on the skin should not be used as they will lead to further inflammation of the skin inside the ear.

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