Can you fly with your dog?

We all love keeping pets and also establish a close relationship with them. We play and sleep with them. We have made them our friends. Dog is one of the most favorite pet kept in home and we would love to take our cute puppy and beautiful dog on a walk, for a long drive in our car and so on. These days aircraft have been a best, safe and quick way to travel from one place to other. We fly from one place to during our work or family holiday. What about our dogs? We can easily take our dog in cars, trains and buses. But can you fly with your dog? This article is about weather we can fly with our dog or not.

What are provisions?

Can you fly with your dog? Many airlines allow you to carry your dog with you in a carrier that can fit inside your seat. But there is a weight limit of 20 pounds along with carrier. Medium and big sized dogs aren’t allowed in cabin even if they fit in the carrier. It is good enough from safety point of view. Dog kept in carrier aren’t allowed to come out of it and should remain inside throughout the flight. Imagine a dog running through the cabin during flight and risk concerned with it. But don’t be sad if you have big dogs and you want to take them with you. You can cargo the dog in same aircraft you are flying and later pick it up at the airport. Can you fly with your dog? This question can also be answered from health point of view. Dogs show side effects after flying in aircraft for long duration which are briefly explained in following topic.

Is it good to fly with a dog?

In some cases, your dog can have side effect of high altitude flight and in such cases, you need to take it to vet. Some dogs can have loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea after flight. Thus, you should take care of it.

Thus, it is not so good to carry dog with you in flight unless it is necessary. Being a dog lover, you might feel bad to keep your dog along in your home, then you have an option to cargo it. But, if possible don’t carry dog with you in cabin because it might feel awkward for other passengers. Moreover, the rate for flying your dog in cargo is quite costly but is still cheaper than the rate you are flying. Thus answering the question can you fly with your dog, it would be yes but not recommended.

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